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Sagdatullin Artur Maratovich, Postgraduate student, Almetyevsk State Institute of Oil (2 Lenina street, Almetyevsk, Republic of Tatarstan, Russia),

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Background. The relevance of this work lies in the fact that transportation of petroleumproducts is one of the most energy-intensive processes in the oil and gas industry. In the system of oil transportation the major electricity consumers are pump electric drives of main pipelines (MP); electricity consumption percentage of that in average is 96% of total energy consumption of an oil pumping station (OPS) [1]. The object of the study is the oil-pumping station’s electric drive. The aim of this work is to theoretically study electromagnetic transient processes of automated electric drive systems as a part of the pumping station electromechanical complex based on mathematical modeling.
Materials and methods. Comparison of the obtained theoretical results with experimental data was carried out by the method of mathematical modeling based on the identified analytical functional relationships. The developed mathematical model is presented in the form of an interconnected system that includes power cable lines, transformers, a high-voltage electric motor, a frequency converter and the shaft load parameters using the centrifugal pump and fluid dynamical models. To solve the problem of the stator current, rotation angular velocity and electromagnetic torque transient processes for each of the schemes the author used the method of programming and numerical simulation of a nonlinear system of differential equations with a 10-5 step.
Results. The researcher studied the dependences of the stator current, rotation angular velocity and electromagnetic torque for the transient processes of highvoltage asynchronous motor (HVAM) start.
Conclusions. System 3, including the soft starter, can be applied in the frequently HVAM switch-off operating modes, but this system allows no changes of the rotation angular velocity of the pumping units. System 4, including the high-voltage FC, allow to reduce the negative influence of the surge stator currents by 78.75%, the starting torques by 50%, and transient process time increases only by 28.57% compared with the simulated system 1. Thus, for the object in the system 4 it is a preferred option as it will reduce the cost of electricity under transient conditions and to increase the accuracy in controlling the speed of high-voltage electric pumping station. In conclusion, for the object of the study the system 4 is a preferred option as it will reduce the cost of electricity in transient processes and increase the accuracy in controlling of the oil-pumping station high-voltage electric drive.

Key words

automated electric drive, automation scheme, low-voltage frequency converter, high-voltage induction motor.

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